How Inflation Is Impacting Our Market

Here is how inflation and our wild stock market affect real estate.

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There seem to be two concerns on everyone’s minds: rising inflation and a volatile stock market. What impact will these things have on the real estate market? Let’s talk about it.

The first trend we’ve seen lately is that cash offers have become even more aggressive. If a home is prepared and marketed well, buyers are willing to buy as is and over list price. You’ve probably heard the phrase cash is king, so if these buyers have an advantage, why are they offering so much?  

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It all comes back to inflation. Whether you’re paying cash or getting a loan, real estate is a great hedge against it. If you have a ton of cash sitting in the bank, it’s currently losing value at a fast pace. By putting that money into real estate, these cash buyers are looking to acquire an appreciating asset that will outpace inflation. We already had high demand and low supply. Now that inflation is increasing, demand for houses is even higher.

If you are looking to sell a home, now might be the time. If you work with a great team, you will receive multiple offers at a great price and with few contingencies. Meanwhile, it’s tough to be a buyer right now. My team offers programs to help buyers gain a competitive advantage, so reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

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